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Bobby McRill
Born in United States
42 years
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Dennis Taylor Friend July 20, 2007

I am a sailor and on paper I outranked Bobby for the ten years I knew him.  However, the size of Bobby's heart made me the subordinate.

There is an old saying that if you have one friend you are a rich man.  Then Bobby made me a millionaire.

Ron Johnson & Family Neighbor and Fellow Christian July 15, 2007

Kathy and boys


Our deepest heartfelt sympathy goes out to to your family.  We have not known you long but your beautiful family has touched our lives.  The grace with which you have carried yourself has inspired every one of us.  When I spoke at the service, I choked up on my words but I wanted to say that day I cut grass with Bobby and Josh I was amazed at how fast they were moving, they had easily cut a half-acre and I had not finished the small patch out front :)  I thought about getting the riding mower to keep up but by the time I would have had it started they would have been done. 


Anyway we live right by the church and can help if you need anything.


Bobby rest in peace, we will see you again my brother!


Ron, Chris Flossy

Lindsey, Jessica, Nicole, and RJ

Calvin Luke Williams Shipmate and Friend July 12, 2007

I met Bobby 9 years ago onboard USS Theodore Roosevelt. Instantly I knew him as a leader, mentor, and all around wonderfull human being. In the years that followed I also came to recognize him as family. I worked for Bobby on TR as well as onboard USS Eisenhower, and you would be hard pressed to find a person that had more drive, love for his people, his Navy, and most of all, his Family. I will forever honor every memory of eating holiday meals at his family's table, helping him clean out his garage, and him correcting me when I was out of line. Bobby was the older brother/step-father that I never had, and I was fortunate to get the chance to to be a part of his life. 



   Thank you so much for everything. I learned so much from you and you never failed to be there for me when I needed it. You are my family, and your family will always be my family. I will always love you, you are a Hero, and a man of Honor.


David Peach LCDR, USN, Retired July 12, 2007

My prayers and heartfelt condolences go out to Bobby's wife, children, family and loved ones.  He was a good man and spoke of all of you often.  This nation has lost a true hero, and we all have lost a true freind.  Bobby was an inspiration to so many.  An exceptional leader, skilled photographer, and fearless warrior.  We were all blessed to have known and worked with him.  When putting together any team for any mission Bobby's name always came up and he was always ready.  He truly embodied the Combat Camera motto "anytime, anywhere."  


My memories of Bobby range from Feild Exercise, President Ronald Reagan's Funeral, Moring PT and Training Marches.  One of my fondest memories occured while his team was forward deployed to Bahrain.  SCPO Coffelt and I went out for a Liason visit.  A day or two after we arrived, Bobby returned from a mission.  When we went to the villa to welcome him home, he was outside at the grill, cooking steaks for everyone.  He was the grillmaster of that detachment.  Regardless of how tired he was, he always made sure his team was taken care of.  A true shipmate who will never be forgetten! 


Tony Casullo MCC July 12, 2007
I served with Bobby while onboard USS Dwight D. Eisenhower and at Combat Camera Atlantic. I was his Chief and he was my LPO at both commands. While at Combat Camera, we deployed together to New Orleans to document the Hurricane Katrina relief efforts. At that time, I had already worked with Bobby for a couple years and thought I knew him pretty well. To my surprise, during that trip, I learned much more about Bobby. I will never forget those three weeks and I am thankful that he was there with us. The days were long, hot, and bug infested and morale was low due to the absence of everyday luxuries that we normally take for granted. One thing’s for sure, it didn’t effect Bobby. Even with him feeling under the weather and having a severe cough, he never skipped a beat. I remember one morning telling him that I thought he should stay behind and take the day to rest in hopes that his cough would subside, well let’s just say Bobby wasn’t having it. I will never forget his relentless drive, energy and determination. He not only got the job done, he got the job done with exceptional results that showed exactly the kind of man he was, taking photographs while underneath hovering helicopters, floating in small boats and standing in flooded streets.  Don’t tell Bobby McRill he couldn’t do something.  He had a lot of heart and he will be missed by us all. 
charles bradley A great friend and brother, you will be missed July 12, 2007

I meet bobby 2 years ago when I checked in to comcam, he was an inspiration from the beginning. He always had a kind word and a good joke to keep us going, he would say hey brother then smile and ask how's your day and then asked how's them Gators which he loved endlessly. Bobby was my friend form the beginning and he always will be my brother I miss you and I love you God Bless and always may he keep you guarding the gates to heaven until I see you again.

To the Mcrill family I offer my sincerest condolence to during your time of bereavement may God open your hearts and minds and give you the strength and will to carry on.  


                                   You’re Brother..



Don Montgomery Gunner July 12, 2007

I served with Bobby at ComCam and from the time I first met him, I knew he was a special person. He always devoted himself to his job and most importantly his family. He was always there when someone needed help and always had an ear to listen. I will truely miss talking and laughing with him. My prayer's are with his family. Take joy in knowing that Bobby will forever be alive in our hearts and that he is always watching. I thank you brother for shareing and teaching me so much about life.


The Stoney Family FRIENDS July 11, 2007

        To the family of this special young man we stand with you in this time of reflect. kathy you and the boys have many special memories of bobby to shares and I know each and every one that you share will always  bring a sparkle to your eyes,because this is what bobby did for us all. Like many others I wish I could spend more time around him. We will never forget the man, the husband,the father, the neighbor, sailor, and most of all our freind.



                                                       love always

                                                               the stoney's

MC2 Ken Horne NR NAVINFO 6th Fleet July 11, 2007

I served with Bobby onboard the USS John C. Stennis in 1995.  I have fond memories of Bobby and although I served with him only a short time we developed a good friendship.  I remember his can do attitude and good humor.  He will truely be missed.  My deepest sympathies and heartfelt condolences to his family during these difficult times.

Greg, Shannon, and kids Friends July 11, 2007

Our family had the privledge to be close friends with Bobby, Kathy, and the boys for nearly 10 years. We shared many moments, whether it be at the soccer field, football field, the deck in the backyard, or over many wonderful meals. Bobby was truly a light in our lives. He was a best friend, a confidant, a problem solver, a mentor to all of our four children, a role model, and a true hero. We are so grateful to have been a part of his life.

 One thing that stood out about Bobby was that he always genuinely cared about his family and his friends. He radiated love. He loved his wife and kids and never failed to show it everyday. It didn't matter who was around. If he loved you, you knew it and he made sure you did.

He taught us so much about life, the Lord, faith, and service. He did it just by example and through so many conversations that we shared.

We all knew that he was proud of his military service, wore his uniform with pride, and loved what he did. He was an amazing photographer and taught us a thing or two about taking pictures.

We will truly miss you, Bobby. We love you so much. You will live in our hearts and memories forever.

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