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Bobby McRill
Born in United States
42 years
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Family Tree
Dennis Dean Taylor U S Navy June 21, 2015
Father's Day and thinking of you my friend.
Grant MIles Bobby you are missed and never forgotten March 17, 2015
I met Bobby when I was at DESRON 50 in Bahrain.  He hung out with me and my best friend Collin Dulaney.  We used to joke and shot the spit all the time while he was with us.  Collin and i still talk about Bobby.  In the short time we knew each other it was awesome.  Bobby you are truly missed by friends you touched even if it was for a short time.  
LCDR Charles Abell Operations Officer, FLTCOMCAMLANT November 11, 2014
In 1984, I joined the U.S. Navy and had no idea that I would become part of the elite, the 1%! As I approach 30 years of service and feel that I have given so much, I remember my shipmates who made the ultimate sacrifice! Bobby was a true Sailor, and family man! He was fun to serve with and hang out. We both had the bad habit of smoking, and there were many days where I would catch up with him in the smoking area at Expeditionary Combat Camera. He would always speak of his family, they meant more to him than his service in the Navy! He always had his priorities right! Today, I honor his sacrifice and the commitment of all my shipmates, mentors, friends who served our Nation and reaffirmed my belief in that we all must serve, in order to receive. I have received, the gift of friendship and camaraderie! Happy Veteran's Day! --LCDR Charles "Chuck" Abell, USN, COMCAM
Kitt Amaritnant Former Sailor May 26, 2014
I couldn't bear myself to write a condolence to Bobby and his family not too long this Website was created...Now I feel I'm ready to share a few things.

My first photo assignment for COMCAM was with the sea cadets at Fort Story, with Bobby leading the way. It was probably the most fun and the best team assignment I had. More importantly, I had a chance to witness where a photographer should be at the shoot: as close to the subjects as he can with a wide angle lens. In fact, Bobby was the ONLY shooter in the water with those kids. The end result: a fantastic picture ( and a ruined cell phone. He showed me he wasn't afraid of discomfort to get the shot he needed. That's what I remembered the most about that day.

After returning from the Bahrain deployment in April 2007, I was pleasantly surprised to learn that Bobby was still at COMCAM. However, he had the paper work to finish up and left not too long after. That year was my best and also my worst. My best was being married to a great woman and my worst, of course, is to learn about Bobby's untimely passing. All I had to say that it hit me really hard and put my life in a tailspin. It a lot more painful to losing Bobby than losing my own dad to a lifetime of alcoholism. Naturally, I shed tears for my dad, but I cried a bucket for Bobby.

One of the very last things he said to me prior to my Bahrain deployment was that he wanted to invite me, Justin Thomas and others to a BBQ at his house either soon before the deployment or after I don't exactly recall. I truly regretted we wouldn't have that opportunity to know him and the family better...

Lastly, photographing at Bobby's funeral was very difficult for many of us, myself included. I knew I had to volunteer to do this in his honor. After all, this is the very least I could do. You will always live in my heart. Rest in peace.
Greg Roberts Brother in Arms July 8, 2012


You are not forgotten. 


Erika Barker The student becomes a teacher March 5, 2012
Bobby, I have been teaching here at Full Sail University for seven months now.  Everything you taught me is now passed onto my students.  I am not sure where I would be in my life, if you were not there to teach me how to be a passionate story-teller, behind the lens.  Thank you Bobby.   I miss you my friend.

Collin Dulaney Former Shipmate... January 24, 2012
I served with Robert during 2005 and 2006 while he was with a Combat Camera detachment in Bahrain.  He went on several floats with the Staff of DESRON-50, taking picture of our exercises and missions.  I was a fellow First Class and we spent lots of time in the smoke pit together, sharing stories.  I knew what had happened, but didn't know this website was up until now.  His family should be very proud - he was a Sailor's Sailor....
Jay Pinsky We remember November 11, 2010
It's Veteran's Day and I am thinking of you. I miss you. We all miss you.
We love you.

Danielle Trevant My "play uncle" Bobby August 25, 2010
wow, looking through old photos of TR sailors and i just happened to notice bobby's name tagged with an r.i.p., what a way to find out your biggest Navy mentor and friend has passed away the day after my discharge. I served Briefly with Bobby while TAD at combat camera. he always called himself my play Uncle, he looked out for me and took me under his wing, those crazy hikes in the woods on Norfolk base he was behind me telling em to "suck it up" with a smile. he taught me dedication and how to not let the small things bother you or impact your life. He'll never ever be forgotten. My condolences to your family, those boys you spoke so proudly about, I know youre watching over them...
Travis, Jen and the kids Brother, You'll never be forgotten July 28, 2007
We had the honor to know Bobby for about eight years. Bobby and his family became very close friends of ours, which anyone who knows Bobby, Kathy and the boys it’s not hard to do. It was an honor to have him as part of our family which he’s touched us and left us with only the best of memories. Bob was the most all around genuinely good person I knew. There are so many memories together with him that I couldn’t even begin to count, from hanging out at ports to working on his boat in the garage or going fishing together while Kathy and Jen was at the house fixing dinner.  On the way back from the lake that day I remember Bob saying that that probably wasn’t the smartest move we had ever made, especially since we never caught anything. Bobby always made me laugh and always had a smile on his face; it’s a smile that we’ll never forget. Bobby was there for me and my family whenever we needed him. Bob, you will be sorely missed by everyone that has had the pleasure of knowing you. The world has lost one of its greatest. No one knows why the Lord needed Bob but evidently he needed the best.  Kathy and the boys, we love you and you are in our hearts and prayers.
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