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Bobby McRill
Born in United States
42 years
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Gino Carr

     I remember first meeting Bobby while serving on the USS Roosevelt, almost instantly I knew we would hit it off great. He was always someone that was willing to just sit and listen. We had some good times together out in various ports during cruise.


     Upon checking out of the Roosevelt, Bobby was the last person I saw before I left. He gave me a big hug and said “I love you man”. I told him I loved him as well and to make sure to keep in touch. He did and we kept in touch thru the years then we reunited at COMCAM. When he walked thru the door we once again hugged each other and it was like old times again. He reminded me of some of the times we shared on Roosevelt and we shared many laughs.      


     Bobby always had certain calmness about him. I will never forget how he used to come up and ask “Gino, you got a second?” My reply would be, “always for you my brother”. We would just sit and talk about whatever was on either of our minds. Bobby never, ever had a problem showing his affection. I’ve often heard people say upon their first time meeting him he greeted them with hugs instead of the normal handshake. For Bobby to tell you “I love you” was just as normal as saying hello. So every time there would be an extended absence on either of our parts from COMCAM, once we would see each other of course the greeting would be a big hug and an I love you.


     The last time I spoke with Bobby is when we were both checking out of COMCAM. A couple shipmates and I went out to lunch with him. After the lunch he asked for me not to be a stranger, my reply was “of course, I could never be a stranger to you.”   We shared what would turn out to be a final hug and Bobby as always said “I love you.”  


      I am truly a better person because of you Bobby and I will never forget you and will always love you. I will wait patiently to see you again to get my usual hug. I love you Bobby!


     My thoughts, prayers, and condolences go out during this time of great loss.

MC1(SW/AW) Karen E. Cozza

I served with Bobby on the TR.  I had just come back into active duty after 6 years as a stay at home mom.  I had been given the opportunity to take the late exam for Draftsman and was put on night shift so I could study.  Bobby stayed up every night with me helping me study until the exam.  Even though he didn't know anything about most of the stuff he was helping me study, he did it anyway. I would have to tell him to go to bed because he was nodding off while holding my answer book.  If it wasn't for him, I would not have made DM2 that quickly.  I credit him with the fact that I was one of only two Draftsman advanced that cycle and I maxed out the test.  I didn't even know what it meant to get an 80 on the test.  


He was a people person, he knew about photography and knew how to teach it and take care of his people.  I was in a duty section with him, and (then) Chief Dennis Taylor.  They both never held it against me that I was the only "black shoe" in the shop and always took the opportunity to teach me how to be a photographer.  I remember going to the flight deck with them while in port just to shoot the sunset.  He never missed an opportunity to teach you something.


He was dedicated to his family and his dogs.  I heard as many stories about his wife and sons as I did about the dogs. I remember the first place we hit a port was in St. Thomas, I asked if I could hang out with him, since we were both close in age and he said "No, it might give people the wrong idea."  I was taken aback but completely understood, nothing would keep him from maintaining his family as the first priority.  After he was stationed at Combat Camera he told me about his oldest son coming to live with him.  He was absolutely ecstatic and in all his glory.  I don't think I ever saw him happier than when he talked about all of his sons and his wife together.  He wasn't afraid to be a real person and share his thoughts and feelings. 


He was also the constant recruiter.  He and I saw each other at Sewell's Point one day and were talking about all our medical aches and pains.  I mentioned that I might be getting out and all he could do was talk about how great the Navy was and that I really needed to consider all the benefits I would be leaving behind, and that the Navy really needed to keep it's good people in and I that I would be doing the Navy a disservice by leaving.  He said he was always available to talk about it.  He loved his family, the Navy and his people and I believe that if you met him once, you'd never forget him.  I know that I won't.



IS1 Esther Erin Smith
I had the pleasure of having met Bobby for just a short time when he came out to the Mustin to do Combat Camera ops while we were in the Gulf in 2005. Bobby really inspired me as a photographer, since my primary duty was intel and secondary photography I never really gave a thought to the "art" of photography, but Bobby really showed me that a picture can be artistic, he inspired me so much that I had since decided to pursue photography more and make a career of it when I retire. I won't forget him, he was someone who you could talk to easiely and he was one to make a quick joke. We talked a lot about our families back in the States and how much he really loved his. I won't ever forget him and I consider him a friend. Rest in Peace Shipmate, I will miss you and thanks for inspiring me to reach higher.
MCC Phil Lawhorn

I was fortunate to have worked with Bobby at the Visual Support Center, NAS Oceana for approximatelly six months. I was the  TARPS (Tactical Airborne Reconnisance Pod Sytem) Work Center Supervisor, responsible for supporting the F-14 Tomcat squadrons with the processing of their aerial film; maintining the EH-38's with the NEC 8133.


Over a period of some time, once I had a chance to know Bobby and what he was about; I affectonately tagged him with a nickname of "Biggin". This was due in part

to his physical stature in comparison to my own, but later it was more of a reflection of his character. To me, Bobby was a perfectionist and could always be counted on to always do the "right-thing". I can hear him now "I understand that, but it has to be done right!"


A few years later, I ran into Bobby along the waterfront a couple. At the time we both were First Class Petty Officers, he on the Roosevelt and I on the Truman. We took care of each other a couple times with material needs like chemistry, paper etc.


I reported to COMCAM in August of 06, I met up with Bobby again. I departed for deployment in September and return in March of this year. A few days before Bobby was preparing to detach from the Command in April, he stopped me and asked a question "Chief, do you miss TARPS?" he added "I miss it some times"

I reminded him of the IG Certification for the 38's, when he got upset that his machine missed the mean line by .02 when we were allowed up to a tolerance of.07. Always the perfectionist. Additionally, when he got bored, he would take things apart just so he could put them back together again. We laughed.


Yes "Biggin", somtimes I miss TARPS, but now I am always going to miss you.



MC1 Jonathan Byrd

I served with Bobby on USS Roosevelt (CVN 71) from 1996 through 1999.  I will always remember Bobby as a dedicated sailor and someone who was always quick with a smile.  He truly was one of the people who made it easier for me to come to work each day and he certainly made a six month deployment easier. 


After the Roosevelt I moved onto other assignments, as did he.  I was stationed on USS Harry S. Truman (CVN 75) later on and saw him there while he was helping cover a Change of Command Ceremony.  It was like we had never missed a beat.  We chatted momentarily and spent most of our time talking about our families and family was always something that Bobby could talk about for hours.  He certainly loved his wife and children and they always filled his thoughts and his heart.   I really feel like his dedication to his service and his country was as much for them as it was for him. 


I will sincerely miss Bobby and I personally will NEVER forget him and will make sure that his memory lives on, especially among all us legacy PH's and current MC's. 

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