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Bobby McRill
Born in United States
42 years
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God Bless Bobby McRill and everything he stood for!  He was a great man and I will forever be sorry he is no longer with us.  Here's honoring you this Memorial Day Bobby - thank you.
Dennis Dean Taylor

I have been selected for promotion to Master Chief Petty Officer.  This honor is more Bobby McRill's than mine as he is a primary member of a group of sailors who have made me very successful throughout a wonderful career.


Bobby,  I miss you so much Brother.

Dennis D. Taylor

Bobby McRill always was concerned about his family and his personnel.  I never knew a time when he wasn't thinking and talking about making life better for them. 

Dennis Taylor
Bobby McRill was a fine friend.  He made me a better man.
Leah Stiles



I met Bobby while I was at Combat Camera. A few months before I transferred, I had the opportunity to join Bobby and 2 other photographers in South Carolina for photojournalism training with the Air Force. Immediately Bobby became the father figure of the group. The whole ride down he shared with us some old "sea stories." It wasn't long before my stomach and cheeks hurt from laughing so much. He really loved the Navy, and behind the humor he made that clear. The week long training was exciting. Bobby shared so much of his knowledge with us. So, then the second to last day they told us we had to give a speech while our photo story was on the projection screen. Well, I am pretty comfortable behind the camera, and most wouldn't use "shy" as a word to describe me, however, the thought of standing in the front the room in front of a bunch of Air Force strangers (sorry Air Force) was just too much for me to imagine. I was a photographer, not a journalist! (sorry journalists) I told Bobby that I respectfully declined. He laughed at me! When I told him I truly couldn't do it, he told me "There is no such thing as can't." Bobby spent endless hours going over that speech with me, constantly reinforcing me. Well sure enough, I made it through. When I went to sit down in my seat, he leaned over and I said "I knew that whole time that you could do it." I can still see his big smile and warm wink.


 I really looked up to him, both professionally and as an honorable person. He took pride in being an admirable husband and father.


 I know that I am a better person, a better mother, and a better sailor because I knew Bobby.


As a good friend of mine recently stated, "Most people talk well about others after they have passed. Everybody has always known that Bobby was an amazing soul."


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